Why let other people get away with it? 

The tax we pay to government is our contribution to South Africa’s welfare. We need it to build roads, schools, hospitals. We need it to ensure our safety and security as citizens of this country. Without it, we must borrow from other people in the world and must then be at the mercy of their whims.

Because you know this to be true, you are registered for tax, and you pay your dues on time. Other people who evade their duty enjoy the benefits of living and working in a country where your taxes paid for the infrastructure and services. Very often, they are the same people who do not observe or abide by other laws in the country.

Do not let them get away with it.

If you wish to report any of these people contact SARS fraud/Anti-corruption Hotline on 0800002870.

OR you can submit a suspicious activity report by just following this link: Report a suspicious activity​.

But do be aware that we won’t be able to get back to you to report any progress as we have to work within the bounds of confidentiality. SARS is prohibited from providing feedback in relation to the progress of investigations.

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