What is a customs crime? 

We want to make reporting a tax or customs crime easy for you. If you want to see what we consider a suspicious activity, click here. So we’ve even created an online form for you to complete. What do you need to report a crime?

  • It’s useful if you have an ID number/Tax Reference number of the person you are reporting. But it’s not essential. Even a car registration number will help
  • We need to know if the crime is about business tax, personal tax or customs
  • You decide if you want to remain anonymous
  • The form is straight forward and easy to complete

You need to know that we can’t give you feedback on our progress as we can never discuss a person’s tax affairs with anyone else. But rest assured your contribution is vital and we will be looking into it.

Your information is important to us. Reporting a tax or customs crime is the right thing to do.

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