Maintain personal details on eFiling vs Branch

Which registered details can be changed via eFiling?

If you are an eFiler, you can change selected sensitive detail changes such as bank details and name / surname or registered name, in the cases of companies and trusts, on eFiling. If the validation of your banking details is unsuccessful on eFiling, you will be requested to visit a SARS branch to validate your banking details in person. Registration number/ID number will be locked and updates to these fields can only be done at a SARS branch.  Remember to make an appointment​.

On the eFiling Individual profile, using the How to complete the Registration, Amendments and Verification form (RAV01 form) on eFiling, you will be able to maintain the following details:
  • Selected identity information (Name, surname)
  • Bank Account details
  • Address details
  • Contact details
  • Nature of entity
  • Add trading names
  • Add a new tax product subscription
  • Non-representative relationships

Which registered details can only be changed at a SARS branch?

The only time you will be required to visit a SARS branch, would be for changes to the following:
  • The Nature of the Entity or taxpayer type (e.g. Company, Trust etc.)
  • Identity number/ Passport number/ Enterprise registration number (e.g. ID number, CIPC number or Trust number etc.)
  • Bank details – only under the following conditions:
    • When a 3rd party bank detail is involved
    • When the legal entity (taxpayer) that makes the change is a Trust
    • When the legal entity (taxpayer) that makes the change is coded as Deceased Estate, Liquidation or Insolvency
    • When bank details are changed via eFiling and additional validation is required.
When you visit a SARS branch to make any of the above changes, you will be authenticated via the new biometric verification system (photograph and fingerprints) to confirm the details with the Department of Home Affairs.


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