Tax Season 2019

Thank you South Africa for doing the right thing and filing your tax return by the deadline of 31 October. We thank you for playing your part in building our country. For those who missed the deadline, you are still expected to file your outstanding tax return. Administrative penalties may apply. Tax Season 2019 opening soon, keep an eye on this webpage!

Top tip: If you have your Identity Number and Tax Number you can now also call the SARS Contact Centre on 0800 00 7277; press 3 (for a tax related enquiry) and then select 1 to find out whether you are required to submit an Income Tax Return (ITR12) this Tax Season.

How to retrieve your eFiling login details and reset your password

Two ways to do it:
  1. Go to SARS eFiling click the green LOGIN button and follow the prompts.
    Forgot both your login name and password? First complete the I forgot my login name process > wait for your email or SMS notification containing your login name > use this login name to complete the I forgot my password process. 
  2. Call the SARS Contact Centre on 0800 00 7277 during office hours. Have your ID number and tax reference number on hand. Press service menu option 0 and follow the prompts. Your new password will be sent to you by email or SMS.

Register For eFiling

You must be a registered taxpayer with a tax reference number to register for eFiling.

Go to SARS eFiling > click Register > follow the 7 easy steps.

Remember, SARS may need 48 hours to verify and approve your registration you can eFile.

If you need to submit documents for your registration, you have 21 business days to do so.

Need help to eFile?

With Help-You-eFile, help is just a click or a call away. Click the Help-You-eFile icon, accept the term and conditions and select Call Me.  A SARS agent will call you and will help you every step of the way while you’re eFiling. (This service is available during office hours only.) 

Need your Tax Reference Number? 

  • Get it on eFiling if you are registered as an eFiler. Simply login and locate your number on the Income Tax work page.
  • Request it verbally from the SARS Contact Centre. Have your ID number on hand as we will have to authenticate who you are.
  • Ask your employer for it.
  • Visit your nearest SARS branch. Please take along your ID.
  • Get it on the Notice of Registration you received from the SARS.
Top tip: SARS will not provide your tax number to another person, unless the person is your tax practitioner or has power of attorney to conduct your tax affairs.  

Who is a Provisional Taxpayer?

Any person who receives income (or to whom income accrues) other than a salary, is a provisional taxpayer.  Most salary earners are therefore non-provisional taxpayers, if they have no other sources of income. It is important to note that receiving exempt income, as follows, does not make you a provisional taxpayer:
  • If you receive interest of less than R23 800 if you are under 65; or
  • If you receive interest of less than R34 500 if you are 65 and older or;
  • You have income in a tax free savings account.

Supporting Documents

When completing your return, have your supporting documents at hand. You may need to refer to some of the supporting documents, read more.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

For more Tax Season FAQs, click here.


Need help? 

  • Call the SARS Contact Centre on 0800 00 7277
    • Don’t wait in the contact centre queue – Use the Call-back option and a SARS agent will call you back. The Call-Back option will be offered to you if you have been in the queue for a certain length of time. You will be prompted for specific personal information, including a number to be called back on. When the Call-Back has been successfully offered, a queue number will be reserved and you may hang up the call and wait for a friendly SARS agent to call you back. For Tax Season 2018, the Call-Back function is available during SARS Contact Centre hours, Monday to Friday between 8:00 and 18:00.
    • Let a friendly SARS Contact Centre agent guide you while you eFile using Help-You-eFile.

  • Visit your nearest SARS Branch.

  • You may also attend one of our tax workshops or visit your nearest SARS mobile unit.

  • If you have forgotten your password you can reset it by calling our SARS Contact Centre and following a simple procedure. See our simple self-service process.

For a summary of Tax Season 2018 highlights, you can refer to the documents below:
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 Top FAQs

How is interest paid to a non-resident from a South African source taxed?
As from 1 March 2015 interest from a South African source paid to a non-resident will be taxed at a final withholding tax rate of 15%.

Where can I find information to help me fill in my ITR12 correctly?
For information to fill in your ITR12 correctly: See Completing your ITR12 ITR12 – Comprehensive Guide is available here Visit the Tax Season webpage for all the latest information.

If the populated information is incorrect on my ITR12 return, how do I correct this?
For manual completion:- If the populated information is incorrect, you can change any populated information by :-Using a black pen to write over the information printed in pink

Can I claim professional subscription fees as a chartered accountant?
A person who earns remuneration income (which is not derived mainly from commission) cannot claim professional subscription fees against the income received.

Why am I not able to change my identity number/passport number/passport country and passport issue date on my ITR12?
SARS checks your Date Of Birth, ID number and Passport number with the Department of Home Affairs (DOHA), who are the official register of all Identification information. Consequently SARS won't allow changes to this DOHA information on the return.