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Dear Tax Practitioner/Taxpayer

For the duration of the lockdown period, we urge all Taxpayers and Tax Practitioners to make use of our Electronic and Digital Channels. These are fully supported by our Contact Centres and we have also deployed additional resources to manage the Service mailboxes listed below:

For tax practitioners, the following email addresses can be used:
                Pcc.north@sars.gov.za (North regions, including Pretoria, North West, Limpopo, Mpumalanga & West Rand)
                Pcc.central@sars.gov.za (Central regions including East Rand, Soweto, Alberton & Vereeniging)
                Pcc.east@sars.gov.za (Kwa-Zulu Natal)
                Pcc.south@sars.gov.za (Western Cape)

All other taxpayers can make use of the following addresses:
                Contact.north@sars.gov.za (North regions, including Pretoria, North West, Limpopo, Mpumalanga) 
                Contact.central@sars.gov.za (Central regions including East Rand, Soweto, Alberton & Vereeniging)
                Contact.east@sars.gov.za (Kwa-Zulu Natal)
                Contact.south@sars.gov.za (Western Cape)

What do you need to know when making an appointment with a SARS consultant?

  • Please ensure that you have a print-out of the letter or message from SARS, together with proof of Identity on your person when travelling to the appointment.  Should you be stopped at a roadblock, you will need to provide this as proof as a valid reason for not adhering to the lockdown provisions. Scheduling recurring appointments (block bookings) is not allowed.
  • Appointments that cannot be honoured should be cancelled at least one to three days (preferred) prior to the appointment
  • You will be assisted by the next available SARS consultant and will not be able to request assistance from a specific consultant
  • Regardless of the type and number of queries, you may not exceed the agreed duration of the appointment
  • After you have added your client's details, please click on "ADD CLIENT" to add them to the appointment request.
  • Please note: If you select the Pretoria branch, you will be allocated a slot at any of the following branches: Ashlea Gardens, Doringkloof, Pavilion, Pretoria CBD and Pretoria North depending on availability. You will be notified via email the specific branch that you have been allocated to.

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