What is it?

The Monthly Employer Declaration (EMP201) and payment process provides employers with an easier and more effective means to manage their Pay-As-You-Earn (PAYE), Skills Development Levy (SDL), and Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF) accounts. In the past, employers had to request the South African Revenue Service (SARS) staff to make payment re-allocations and corrections on their behalf. The introduction of the EMP201 and payment changes is aimed at empowering employers so that they can manage and become accountable for the accuracy and completeness of their own accounts. This shift in accountability and focus will be achieved by providing employers with the ability to:
  • Amend their declarations and payment allocations using the EMP201
  • View their accounts in order to identify and follow-up incorrect/missing transactions using the consolidated Employer Statement of Account (EMPSA) and query function
  • Correct unallocated payments.
Account management is about making sure that your financial (or tax) account is up to date and correct. In other words, that all the necessary tax filings are correctly reflected, payments have been correctly allocated, and that all charges to your account (including adjustments, interest and penalties) have been correctly calculated and recorded.
The aim is to place an employer in a position where they are able to manage their financial responsibilities independently, in an effective and efficient manner.

Who is it for?

SARS has made provision for an employer to manage their own account with a number of functions and tools:
  • A EMP201 and Payment reference number (PRN) which enables you to change your declaration and reallocate your payments more easily
  • A redesigned EMPSA that consolidates PAYE, SDL and UIF on a single statement with supporting explanations and notes for easier interpretation
  • Online access to your financial accounts. Not only can you view and query transactions processed against your accounts, but you can now also adjust these transactions in real-time
  • A case management system where you are able to log account errors or omissions which you are unable to fix yourself or which you would like to query, including a means to monitor and track SARS’s progress in resolving your query.
Account management should be a quick and simple process provided you used the PRN correctly when filing and paying your EMP201.
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 Top FAQs

e@syFile™ Employer issues experienced when updating and/or installing vs 6.9.2
On running the online update, some Users have reported the following errors: 1. Failing to login in successfully as the system hangs

While downloading the latest version of the easyFile™ Employer, my anti-virus identified a virus and deleted any e@syFile™ Employer files already installed. Is there a virus on e@syFile™ Employer?
No, easyFile™ Employer is not infected by a virus. Make sure you have set your anti-virus to accept e@syFile™ Employer.

When does the employer need to submit the EMP501, EMP601 or EMP701 declarations?
An employer has to submit a signed EMP501/601/701 with every electronic submission to SARS as part of the reconciliation unless the employer submits through eFiling in which case the certificates do not have to be sent to SARS.

Will SARS issue a pre-populated EMP501, EMP601 and / or EMP701 to the employer?
SARS will not issue a pre-populated EMP501/601/701 to employers.